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Enchantress, a magical contemporary thriller, written and directed by Ian Lewis

with Nicholas Ball, Olivia Llewellyn, Johanne Murdock, Carl Kirshner, Sam Hudson, James Simmons, Alexandra Legouix

produced by Melloney Roffe and Ian Lewis, cinematography Geoff Plumb, music Alan Nicholas Graham


Enchantress is a production of The Farnham Film Company Ltd


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I have always been fascinated by this natural acceptance of everyday enchantments – after all, who doesn’t want to have just a bit of magic in their lives? – and I thought, what if this were still a part of our world, too? How would it fit into our twenty-first century lives? Because even in those far-off days , the practice of magic was a dangerous and clandestine activity. And in all the stories of magic and enchantment, there’s always a price to pay. There’s never something for nothing.


So Merlin dies because he allows his desire to overcome his common sense. He knows he shouldn’t give away his secrets, but he does it anyway –and pays the price when he is betrayed. But he is as much betrayed by himself, as by the woman (Nimue/Viviane) who seduces him, and uses his magic against him.


That’s the origin of the story of Enchantress. In spite of the magical background, this story happens to real people, and it happens in real places today.


Production was entirely on locations in and around Farnham, about 60 kilometres south-west of London, England, where we're lucky to have a tremendous variety of scenery and bulding in a small area.

Technical Details


Running time: 96 minutes approx

Acquisition: HDCAM 1080p/25

Delivery: from an uncompressed progressive 10-bit 1920x1080 Digital Source Master, delivery can be in PAL or NTSC, file-based in various compressed or uncompressed formats; tape-based HD or SD as (for example) HDCAM or Digital Betacam; as well as DVD, Blu-Ray, or mp4 etc.

Audio: Stereo English with M&E track; 5.1 surround English and M&E available.

Director's Notes


This is a contemporary story – a thriller - but it has its roots in the stories of Merlin, which go back perhaps 1500 years. In these and other ancient stories, there is no separation between “magic” and “real life”. Goblins, fairies, and magicians are as much a part of everyday life as people or animals that inexplicably fall ill; unseasonal weather; and sudden death.